Cutting Edge Technologies to Secure Your Organization


Whether we like it or not, threats to the technologies that secure our workplaces, facilities and personnel are still evolving. New technology requirements to support our employees’ work models (from home/hybrid/in-office/in the field) are also emerging every day, and so are the many requirements to keep it all safe.

New Age helps to ease the burden of keeping pace with security technology – by providing the best and latest technology solutions to address the security of your organization across the board – from your staff to your facilities, vehicles, data, and other assets. We’ll also work as program managers and oversight partners with your datacenter experts to continuously protect your systems, operations, and data.

New Age Technology Solutions include:

  • Data Center Design
  • Information Systems and Communications Planning
  • Information Security (financial, planning and personnel records)
  • Protection Infrastructure
    • Access Control, Cabling, Alarm System and CCTV Systems
    • Sensitive Compartmental Information Facilities (SCIF) Design and Construction (from concept to accreditation)




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