Providing SCIF Design Expertise and Security Administration Support

New Age Protection, Inc. (New Age) was contracted to design, construct, commission, and accredit the Sensitive Compartmental Information Facilities (SCIFs) to National Security Agency (NSA) standards. The new secure facilities process and store sensitive data and material in accordance with NSA standards for multiple intelligence agencies. These SCIFs needed to accommodate the management of communications equipment for computer- and telephone-based interactions, and the computer processing of final project deliverables at the Sensitive Compartmental Information (SCI) level. As promised, New Age’s SCIF design specialists created the facilities from concept to construction and accreditation based on each agency’s requirements.

High-Security Environment Access Management

New Age’s Personnel and Physical Security  Specialists also carry out security procedures for managing visitor access to multiple federal intelligence agency programs. Duties include verifying clearances and badging facility visitors, examining and scanning packages via X-Ray, controlling parking and vehicle registration, and conducting after-hours security and perimeter checks.

New Age provides administrative support services to several federal intelligence agencies in need of security administration as well. New Age assigned seasoned personnel who assist in the preparation of sensitive, special, proprietary, and classified documents, reports, manuals, regulations, and other correspondence. In addition, New Age personnel maintain and control the accountability of classified and sensitive materials, files, and databases.

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