When this citywide transportation system found New Age Protection (New Age), its riders were afraid to use the bus and Dial-A-Ride disabled rider services provided throughout the city. Ridership was way down. Crime was up, and a collaborative effort with the local precinct was desperately needed.

New Age Protection Security Program for Transportation

New Age began their relationship with this city agency by providing an assessment of security and technology currently in place for the transit system’s main terminal and headquarters building. Their report included more than 70 “red flag” findings and made more than 200 recommendations for improved safety and security. Within just 10 days, New Age was chosen to take over the security contract.

Less than 3 weeks later under New Age’s care, the transit system had new security staff vetted, hired, uniformed and onsite at the main terminal and headquarters properties. DVR and mobile phone-accessible cameras were running to monitor buses and the terminal. New security staff would be able to easily keep a watchful eye on the terminal and the safety of its riders, as well as headquarters property and staff.

Security Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement

But that wasn’t the extent of New Age’s work. New Age worked to build a collaborative relationship with the local police department to keep all safety and security activities seamless between the two agencies. The local police are grateful for the collaborative effort.

The result is a top-tier 24/7/365 security and safety program for the transit system and headquarters, contributing to a drastic 70% increase in transit ridership.

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