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Professional Services

With almost two decades of government and military experience, New Age Protection, Inc (New Age) brings a world of security, technology, logistics, professional services, and personnel experience to your organization. As we strive to tailor every program to the specific and timely needs of each client, that experience can be a huge benefit to any program in the form of consulting services with our experienced subject matter experts. Let New Age be your trusted advisor in the areas of professional services, security programming, finance, acquisitions, facility management and more.

New Age also helps to hiring and managing best-in-class expertise for the most successful and reliable organizational outcomes at some of the most critical and highly visible agencies in the nation. We can help to provide your organization with experts (cleared and qualified as necessary) in the areas of administration functions, finance, contracts, human resources, and classified information control and declassification to name a few.

In addition to client advisory workforce acquisition services, New Age also provides career trajectory management and talent optimization programs that promote the development of a diverse and competent workforce for the long term. Let us assist you by building the strongest teams in the areas of administration, conference management, finance, HR or intelligence (clearances and certifications Management).

New Age Professional Services include:
• Security Program Evaluation and Design
• Security and Personnel Consulting
• Accounting and Finance Support
• Acquisition Support
• Facility Management and Operations
• Classified Information Control & Declassification
• Human Resources Support
• Administrative Support
• Intelligence and Counterintelligence Analyst Support
• Contract Specialist Support




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