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Industrial Security

No matter what the industry, security breaches are a daily struggle for most businesses and government entities, with exponential growth in breach vulnerability in the last 5 years. It’s our job to reduce the physical, cyber, and financial risks associated with breaches by eliminating those vulnerabilities altogether.

New Age is your all-in-one solution. We provide end-to-end security assessments to evaluate technological and physical security profiles, and provide recommended actions, advanced security solutions and staffing leveraged by the military and intel communities, and physical security to secure your operational locations and mission with experienced staff. At New Age, we advance your internal team’s education through structured training and cutting-edge best practice.

New Age Safeguards and Security services include:

• Vulnerability Assessments
• Accredited Safeguards and Security Training Academy
• Personnel, Physical and OPSEC Security
• Armed/Unarmed Security Guards
• Access Control and Security Escort Support
• Alarm System and CCTV Installation and Monitoring
• Security System Monitoring
• Electronic Systems Services
• Sensitive Compartmental Information Facilities (SCIF) Design and Construction
• SCIF Management and Operations
• SAP Management
• Security Vehicle Provision




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