New Age Protection, Inc.(New Age) began their relationship with Cisco Systems by managing the migration of sensitive employee and HR-related data to a new Employee Self Service (ESS) system, a web-based tool through which employees access relevant work information and conduct transactions like timekeeping.

Migration in Compliance with National Information Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)

As a contractor to the government, this was a much larger job than just a simple data migration from one software tool to another for Cisco. To provide the highest level of data security required by government agencies, New Age conducted a detailed review of the migration using compliance requirements set forth in the National Information Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).

What is NISPOM?

NISPOM establishes requirements for the protection of classified information disclosed to or developed by contractors, licensees, or certificate holders to prevent unauthorized disclosure. These requirements are mandated in government data projects, and thereby provide the highest level of protection.

Industrial Security for Commercial Businesses

New Age provided a number of other Industrial Security duties to ready Cisco for the migration. They provided assistance with meeting NISP security requirements and providing required documentation of data safety for government audits. For system testing purposes prior to go-live, the New Age team created “worst case scenarios” to analyze the level of data security the new ESS would provide. The team also supported Cisco’s migration by maintaining all personnel status for the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) used by the Department of Defense to manage personnel security clearance and access. And lastly, New Age provided security guard force support to Cisco’s day-to-day campus operations on an as-needed basis.

The result was a safe and successful, compliant migration of classified information to a fully operational new ESS for Cisco Systems.

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