Serving close to 100 schools and more than 80,000 students, this K-12 public school district ranks among the best in the nation. So, when they needed security services for existing schools and almost 20 schools revolving through construction, they looked to New Age Protection, Inc. (New Age).

School District Chooses New Age Protection’s Industrial Security Services

The work would involve making recommendations for a security guard program across the district, staffing qualified guard personnel for the schools, and training those personnel in a manner that would accommodate a changing security landscape under tight timelines. The district needed fully trained coverage to accommodate construction already underway.

New Age created a training program that accommodated the changing needs of operating schools as well as those under construction. New Age screened, staffed, uniformed, trained and placed the new guard personnel at every site requested by the school district in just two weeks’ time. New standard operating procedures and post orders were created for each construction site and staffed those properties as construction began at each site.

In addition to getting the program created and executed at top speed, New Age was commended by the client for their professionalism and ability to resolve any matters that arose as a result of the shifting security environment.

K-12 School Industrial Security Services

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