Providing Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Assistance

For a number of classified Department of Homeland Security programs, New Age Protection, Inc. (New Age) has provided highly-sensitive administrative and security administration support. Security administration specialists performed research duties and supported resolution of a variety of technical, programmatic, and budgetary challenges. In addition, security administration personnel oversaw the following functions:

  • Classified and sensitive material security controls
  • Business and special correspondence preparation
  • Classified database management
  • General office management and administrative duties from travel arrangements, classified meeting minutes and employee timekeeping, to maintenance of agency files and coordination of meetings, conferences, and seminars.
  • Human Capital Management
  • Division Budget Management

Program Highlight – Domestic Nuclear Detection Office

New Age was selected once again to support the Department of Homeland Security, this time to collaborate with 2 other contractors on the creation of a Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. This program would be responsible for detecting any nuclear and radiologicalmaterial coming into the United States on any method of transport. New Age devised how the entire program would work, from concept to accreditation.

In addition, New Age provided the cleaed personnel needed to manage facility security and budgetary/administrative requirements program wide. The team was also responsible for classifying and declassifying sensitive materials for State government representatives, local Police Departments, the FBI, United States Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Department of Energy and Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

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