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Workplace violence is becoming more prevalent every day. What’s your workplace crisis plan? Do your employees know what to do in the event of an insider assailant threat? New Age’s guide, Surviving Workplace Violence, provides life-saving advice on what employees should do in the event of a violent workplace incident.

Surviving Workplace Violence
Become a Licensed Investigator

Become a Private Investigator!

With the increase in security threats nationwide, the demand for detectives and criminal investigators is on the rise. Get the training you need to enter this exciting career path.
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Become Red Cross Certified!

Become Red Cross Certified!

Are you prepared for a medical emergency? Our first aid courses are ideal for all individuals, including security officers, healthcare and childcare professionals, and the professional rescuer.
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Make a Career Move!

Make a Career Move!

New Age Protection has job opportunities for armed and unarmed security guards in government agencies and corporations in the Washington DC area, and cities throughout the US.
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