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Workplace security is a priority for both employers and employees. As such, the importance of maintaining a safe work environment is critical and requires that all levels of your organization are knowledgeable in workplace security protocol. As a security training organization, the leadership at New Age Academy understands the need for an effective security protocol in all settings, including government agencies, learning institutions, professional offices, and lodging facilities.

To assist you in your efforts to maintain a secure work environment, we offer resources on the latest practices in workplace security. The following are educational resources that you can share with your executives, employees and security team.

Surviving Workplace Violence
Workplace violence is becoming more prevalent every day. What’s your workplace crisis plan? Do your employees know what to do in the event of an insider assailant threat? New Age’s guide, Surviving Workplace Violence, provides life-saving advice on what employees should do in the event of a violent workplace incident.

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Demand for Security Professionals Creates Exciting Career Opportunities
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that 175,000 new security jobs will be created between 2006 and 20016, resulting in a 17 percent growth rate for the occupation.  This growth is just one indication that the security profession has evolved into one of the nation’s most exciting career paths.

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