Demand for Security Professionals Creates Rewarding Career Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that 175,000 new security jobs will be created between 2006 and 20016, resulting in a 17 percent growth rate for the occupation.  This growth is just one indication that the security profession has evolved into one of the nation’s most exciting career paths.

According to the BLS, prospects for security jobs are excellent.  Heightened homeland security concerns, increased crime, and the growth of security firms have sparked a demand for security and protection workers, thereby creating greater opportunities for individuals pursuing these occupations. 

Moreover, because the profession has limited training requirements, it is relatively easy to enter the field.  However, analysts who study the occupation concede that to obtain higher paying positions, in-service training is required.

For instance, statistics show that security professionals who invest in their careers through training and professional development reap the benefits through job advancement and higher pay.  In 2008, annual salaries for frontline security supervisors or managers in the Washington, DC area averaged $62,310, while annual salaries for security guards averaged $32,920.  

The same holds true for armed and unarmed guards.  Individuals who obtain firearms training and qualify for armed security positions earn higher salaries.  Those who pursue advanced training, such as private investigator training, have even higher earning potential.   In the Virginia, for example, the average annual salary for private investigators is about $65,140.