About the Academy

Security preparedness demands a strategic, tactical and aggressive approach. The New Age Protection Training Academy (NAPTA) provides first-rate security training and certification courses to individuals entering the security or investigation field, security professionals seeking in-service training, as well as government and corporate security forces.

Accredited by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, our curricula cover the latest in security practices and law enforcement technology:

  • Security Officer/Guard training
  • Fireams Traning
  • Threat Assessment
  • Private Investigator
  • First Aid Traning

Based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, we have designed our courses to address the training needs of a broad audience, from the layperson seeking to learn first aid to seasoned first responders. To accommodate a variety of learning styles, we offer hands on training as well as “blended” or “hybrid” courses that include classroom and practical hands on instruction.

NAPTA Mission

The mission of the New Age Protection Training Academy is to equip security and law enforcement professionals with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge needed to protect and secure government, commercial, educational and workplace environments. Through our instructional programs, we train individuals to identify, confront, and suppress security threats before they occur.