Course Details

In this three-course package, students undergo security officer, basic handgun and arrest authority training, which are needed to become an Armed Security Guard in the State of Virginia. After each course, students receive a certificate of completion.  This package consists of three mandatory courses:

  • 01E- VA Security Officer Core Subject -Entry Level-Unarmed, This one-day security officer training course covers elements of Virginia Law, the history of private security, criminal law definitions, patrol procedures, report writing and codes of conduct.
  • 075E- Basic Officer Handgun Training, In this three-day course, students learn the proper care of a handgun, civil and criminal liability, firearms retention and storage, deadly force, range safety, principles of marksmanship, and practical firearms handling and safety. Course includes handgun instruction at a local shooting range.
  • 05E- Arrest Authority- This one-day course covers arrest powers, policies and procedures. Students will also be instructed on “Use of Force” and de-escalating techniques.

Courses are taught separately.  Students attend classes on pre-scheduled dates.